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Invest-in-BG ltd is a fast growing Bulgarian business consulting company with wide range of services, operating in Bulgaria and abroad.

We provide a range of consulting services designed to help clients to take full advantage of our business solutions, while managing the risks. We have the knowledge and experience to understand the business needs that allow our business solutions to deliver to you high financial return, increased security, low overhead expenses and reduced risk


Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer because of high expenses and taxes, difficulties of growth, lack of market for their production or problems with high salaries and staff replacements, so they finally have no profits. In Invest-in-BG ltd we work for  investors, which need to know how to get out with some profit.


Our consultants are talented and highly experienced professionals, with a track record of outstanding achievement in the industry and business in Bulgaria and abroad. With a wealth of expertise, they have the ability to provide a strategic input and implementation plans for the benefit of our customers.  


We always bring customer-tailored services and specialized skills even if they don’t exist in our company. We save your time and money and we can solve your current problems or help you grow to a much better level. We can be your source of new ideas, new strategies and new horizons.

Registration of companies in Bulgaria

Usually the reasons for registration of companies in Bulgaria are as follows:


  • Tax Benefit. Taxes in Bulgaria are the most favourable in Europe. The corporate income tax, for example, is only 10% per year, and it is the lowest in EU. Having company in Bulgaria means that you can have a business anywhere in the world and pay only 10% taxes per year. The flat tax on wages is also 10%. The value added tax is 20%.

  • Cost savings. The rental prices for an office, the salaries for well-trained staff, the daily cost of operation and maintenance of the office in Bulgaria are 5-6 times lower than in other EU countries.


For investors outside the EU, we have the ability to offer market entry into the EU at the lowest possible price. In this way you will have an office or production plant in the EU at a lowest cost and very low day-to-day business run expenses, low labor costs, low taxes and raw materials at lower prices. And what is more – we can become your virtual staff long before you have to hire a real staff. That way we’ll save you time and money, proposing you as well a mailing address, e-mails and everything you’ll need.


Real Estate & Property Management

Property in Bulgaria currently offers excellent value for money. A country blessed with some of the most spectacular landscapes and a people both welcoming and open minded, Bulgaria is the last opportunity in Europe to get into thoroughly undervalued real estate with clear and present upside potential.


Being entirely oriented towards customer tailored search of real estate according to your needs, we will be really happy to help you as soon as you contact us. We are able to propose you a wide range of properties, apartments, building plots, houses to restore, etc. according to your taste everywhere in Bulgaria.


No matter whether it relates to residential, commercial and office real estate, we are also proposing Property Management services as follows:


  • Property Sales Management

  • Operations Management

  • Technical & Building Management

  • Marketing & Attracting Tourists’ Management

  • Mall Management


Participation in new businesses

Are you looking for new business opportunities? Do not worry anymore! We’re here to propose you some of the most profitable businesses seen somewhere else. As Bulgaria is proposing one of the best ratio in EU of low cost/well trained workforce, we can ensure you to participate in some of the most developing businesses. Our company makes very profound marketing researches not only in Bulgaria, but abroad as well and has a wide range of projects in different stages of realisation.   


We can propose you, for instance, to become shareholder in projects for medical tourism, healthcare services, long-term care for elderly and veterans, residential real estate, hotel, spa and gambling casino projects.


By the other hand, outsourcing is an effective cost-saving strategy much more affordable in Bulgaria than other places. Outsourcing Project Management is one of the services that we’re now offering. The core of the service is collaboration - developing a strong partnership with you and then to start working and to reach your strategic goals. We build an optimal Project Management resource that maximises your chances to realise any project.  




Digital Marketing & Advertisement

As a business owner, you have about a thousand things to do every day, but managing your digital marketing, creating authentic content for social media, making presentation of your Company on PowerPoint and elaboration of any kind of strategies doesn’t have to be some of them and you hardly have time for this.

If you want your Company to stand out among the others in your industry, if you want to be noticed, if you want to make good sales, don’t stand with your arms folded! You need smart digital marketing and targeted advertising. Our consulting company - Invest-in-BG ltd - can give you all this:

  • Content Production for Social Media, presentations on PowerPoint, E-mail Marketing and Company’s Brochures

  • Creation, Development and Support of Facebook & LinkedIn Company Pages

  • Digital Content Marketing Strategy

  • Multi-language Content - English, French, Russian & Bulgarian

  • Elaboration and Realization of Functional & Development Strategies

  • Targeted Advertising

  • Help Entering New Markets Abroad, and many more services!    

Many pretend to be the best, but we’re always trying to be!

Invest-in-BG ltd offers a direct route to the advice, information and resources you need to help your business improve and grow. We offer professional advice and high quality, value-for-money business support, meeting a wide range of business needs. You can always count on our expertise to complete the job professionally and quickly. Contact us today so we can discuss your problems and our solutions!

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